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14th Annual General Meeting

31st July 2021 @ 11 am


Sirpigal's Debate - TLF 2021

FB Live @ 3pm


The Tamil Language Festival (TLF) was first organised in 2007. Aimed at encouraging the Tamil community to use the language in their daily lives. The Festival is a community effort support by Tamil organisations, community partners and other agencies. 

TLF 2021 will take place from Friday, 2 April to Sunday, 3 May 2021. The virtual festival features literary, oratorical and cultural programmes, and will continue with "Love Tamil, Speak Tamil" as the theme. 

Download the programme details https://www.languagecouncils.sg/tamil/en/-/media/tlc/files/fa_tlf-tamil-murasu-ad.pdf

2020 Events


Annual General Meeting
via Virtual
Saturday, 26th Sep 2020 @ 11.00am

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Join us with your family on our volunteering efforts to create awareness on pollution that endangers our marine life and help keep our beach clean & green @ ECP

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தமிழோடு உறவாடு TLF Reading Program